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Galvanized sheet is mainly used: a large number of galvanized sheet plate used in automobile manufacturing, cooler, construction, ventilation and heating facilities and furniture manufacturing and other fields. Galvanized become important steel anticorrosion method, not only because the zinc can be formed in the steel surface protective layer of dense, but also because of the zinc has the effect of cathodic protection, when the galvanized layer damaged, it can still through the cathodic corrosion protection to prevent the iron base   Construction industry: roof, roof components, panels, balcony window, newsstands, warehouse, rolling door, heaters, drainage, etc    Household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, switch cabinet, air conditioning, microwave oven, bread machine, copier, vending machines, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, etc


 Furniture industry: lampshade, wardrobe, desk, bookcase, counter, signs, medical equipment, etc   Transportation industry: cars, car shell, carriage board ceiling, tractor, trams, container, highway fence, ships bulkhead, etc    Other instrument shell, dustbin, billboards, clocks, photographic equipment, meter and other hot galvanized steel sheet, color coating steel plate is hot aluminium zinc plate, electric galvanized sheet as the substrate, such as the surface pretreatment

  Galvanized sheet type: hot galvanized steel sheet, electric galvanized sheet, including electrolytic tinplate, galvanized sheet pressing and forming, with a connection, do not need any accessories can firmly connect the mesh and the pillar is firm.    Galvanized sheet according to its use can be divided into: activated alumina galvanized sheet, desiccant galvanized sheet and catalyst galvanized sheet. The chamber is made of high quality galvanized sheet or stainless steel plate in the working chamber clean the rust    Different types of galvanized sheet price is also different, different industries, of course, use galvanized sheet price and material is different, so you in choosing a galvanized sheet, you must provide a sale purpose, so that they will come through your purpose for you to choose more suitable your product