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Hot dipped galvanized steel coil 

Cold rolled hot dip galvanized steel coil/ sheet/ strip factory/ roll manufacturer cheap price corrugated tube

Hot dipped galvanized steel strip is made from Q195 STEEL which Gangda produces. Through hot-dip zinc coating process, make sure the surface has excellent corrosion resistant & anti-rust performances. With advanced technic, zinc coating layer will not be removed or peeled last more than 50 years.  

According to clients' requests, the steel strips can be made with different qualities and devided into many narrow sizes.

Production capacity includes width between 10mm and 900mm, thickness between 0.16mm and 5.0mm, weight of zinc coating layer between 30g/sqm and 80g/sqm.

Widely used for manufacturing the roof joists, door & window frame brackets, corner protecters, tube or pipe for clothes wardrobe, paint buckets, air condition brackets, air filter brackets, serpentine pipes for cable and wire, auto spare parts and so on.


1.Operate Standard:ASTM A653M04/JIS G3302/DIN EN10143/GBT 2518-2008

2.Grade: SGCD,SGCH, Q195,DX51D

3.Zinc Coating:40-275g/sqm(as required)



6.Coil Weight:3-8MT(as required)

7.Surface Treatment:Passivation,regular/mini/zero spangle,big spangle etc.

8.Production Ability:120000MT/Year

9.Application:widely used in base plate of coated coil,corrugated roofs,outdoor wall panel,transportion and other industrial buildings.


1) For the construction industry, galvanized steel coil is mainly used to manufacture anticorrosion, industrial and civil architecture roof boarding, roof grille, etc.


(2) Light industries use galvanized steel coil to make home appliance’s case, civil chimney, kitchen utensils, etc.


(3) Auto industry mainly use galvanized steel coil to produce corrosion resistant parts of cars


(4) Agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishery mainly use galvanized steel coil for food storage, meat and aquatic products’ freezing and processing equipment etc;


(5) In commerce, galvanized steel coil is mainly used as the equipments to store and transport materials, and packing implements..