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Zinc coating coil

A thin sheet of steel that is dipped into a molten zinc bath to make it adhere to a zinc sheet. At present, the continuous galvanizing process is mainly adopted, that is to say, the rolled steel plate is continuously dipped into the zinc plating bath to make galvanized steel sheet. The steel plate is also made by hot dipping, but immediately after the bath is removed, it is heated to about 500 DEG C to form an alloy film of zinc and iron. This kind of galvanized coil has good coating tightness and weldability.

Packing: Export standard fancy package in coils

Surface Treatment: Chromated, Oiled or Not oiled, Regular spangle.  bright finished , fingerprint resistance.


Standard: JIS G3302 / GB/T 251B / ASTM A653M / enterprise standard

Grade: SGCC (DX51D+Z) SGCD(DX52D+Z) etc.

Coil weight: as per customers' requests


Applications: general use, for roof, the out side of buildings, structure, tile row
plate, deep drawing and deep drawn


Place of production: China


Product category and properties: the products can be divided into the following sorts in the light of their specific manufacturing and processing methods:

(1) Hot-dipped galvanized steel plate. It is the most common galvanized steel plate at present

(2) Metal-compound galvanized steel plate. This kind of steel plate possesses a high quality of painting viscosity and weldability

(3) Electro-galvanized steel plate. This kind of steel plate is of good machinability, but its erosion resistance is not as good as that of the hot-dipped galvanized steel plate because of its thinner galvanized layer

(4) Single/double-sided galvanized steel plate. The single-sided galvanized steel plate has a better adaptability in welding, paint coating, rust prevention treating, processing and other aspects than the double-sided plate

(5) Alloyed, compound galvanized steel plate. This kind of plate has a great quality in rust prevention as well as paint coating