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H beam

H beam is a kind of economical section high efficiency profile with more optimized sectional area distribution and stronger weight ratio, because it is named after the English letter "H". Because each part of H beam is arranged at right angles, H beam has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light weight in all directions. It has been widely used.

H beam is a new type of economical construction steel. The H beam section of economical and reasonable, good mechanical properties, rolling each point on the extended section is uniform, small internal stress, compared with the ordinary beam, a section modulus, light weight, saving advantages of metal, can make the building structure to reduce 30-40%; and because of its inner and outer legs parallel leg end assembly is a right angle. A combination of components, welding, riveting work can save up to 25%. Often used in large capacity requirements, large cross section stability, such as buildings, high-rise buildings, as well as bridges, ships, lifting transport machinery, equipment foundation, support, foundation piles.

H beam is a kind of economical section steel with better mechanical performance, especially the cross section, which is named after the English letter "H". Its features are as follows:

The flange width, lateral stiffness.

The bending capacity, than the beam about 5%-10%.

The two flange surfaces parallel to each other makes the connection, convenient manufacture and installation.

We compared with welded I-beam with low cost, high precision, small residual stress, without expensive welding and weld testing, saving the cost of steel production is about 30%.

The same section under load. The structure of hot rolled H steel than the traditional steel structure weight 15%-20%.

We compared with the concrete structure, the structure of hot rolled H steel can be increased by 6% of the area, and the structure to reduce weight 20% to 30%, reducing the internal force of structure design.

The H beam can be processed into T type steel honeycomb beam can be formed by the combination of all kinds of section form, design and production greatly satisfy the engineering demand.

Product Spec:

Hot rolled H beam and Welded H beam.

Material: Q345B, Q235B, SM490,SS400.