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Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Introduction of hot rolled steel sheet

To pass through the cutting head and cutting tail straight hair volume, trimming and straightening, level off of multichannel time after finishing line processing, cutting board or heavy volume, again become namely: hot rolled steel plate, flat hot-rolled coil, slitting and belt and other products.

Use of hot rolled steel plate

Structural steel

Steel and welding structure are used in the production of steel structure, mainly for steel structure parts, Bridges, ships and vehicles.

The difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel plate

Hot rolled plate has low hardness, easy processing and ductility.

Cold roll hardness is high, processing is relatively difficult, but not easy to deform, the strength is higher.

Surface quality of the hot rolled plate intensity is relatively low, almost (oxidation, low roughness), but the plastic is good, generally for medium plate, manufacture, high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, generally for sheet, can be used as a drawing board.

Hot rolled steel plate, mechanical property is far less than cold processing, also inferior to forging processing, but has good toughness and ductility

Cold rolled steel sheet due to a certain degree of strain hardening, toughness is low, but can reach better showed, used for cold bending spring pieces and parts, at the same time due to the yield point is close to the tensile strength, so no foresight to danger, in use process in the load exceeds allowable load are prone to accidents.

The tolerance standard of hot rolled steel plate

Standard code: GB/T 709-2006

Standard name: the size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of hot rolled steel and steel strip

Description: this standard specifies the dimensions, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packing, marking and quality certificate of alloy structural steel hot rolled steel plates. This standard applies to alloy steel hot rolled steel plate with thickness greater than 4 ~ 30mm.