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Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Sheet

Hot dipped galvalume steel sheet,Compared with hot-dip galvanized steel, hot galvanized steel sheet has better corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, weldability and other properties. It is widely used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, electrical appliances, instruments and so on. It is well received by customers.

Hot galvanized steel with cold rolled steel of different strength and thickness for the substrate, pre coating plate coated with a layer of Al-Zn coating in the double-sided heat, mass percentage composition of coating for 55%Al, 43.5%Zn and 1.5%Si, the integration of physical protection of Al and high durability and Zn electrochemical protection characteristics. In addition, with bright silver color and high decorative pattern on the surface is, and has a floating and convex sense. The main purpose of galvalume: Construction Industry: Civil and industrial building roof, wall, fence, garage doors, shutters home appliances: oven, explosion-proof strip, air conditioning and ventilation system of outer covering parts, solar water heaters, electric automobile parts industry: automobile muffler, exhaust pipe and the heat shield, catalytic converter the body of the car bottom parts, highway signs of industrial instrumentation: electric control cabinet, industrial refrigeration cabinet, vending machine.

Product Spec:

Product Standard:AISI,ASTM,GB,JIS
Product Material:SGCC,S350GD+Z,S550GD+Z,DX51D,DX52D,DX53D
Product Thickness:0.16-1.2mm