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Steel structure bar

Angle bar 

 Steel Angle bar(iron angle), hot rolled from the heating boiler and shaped with vertical angle 90 degree and normally length in 6m/ 9m/12m.

  According to shape difference,we distiguish mild steel angle bar from equal and unequal. Equal angle has same width and specification in width A* width B * thickness. For example :50*50*4mm, means width A is 50mm, width B is 50mm, and thcikness is 4mm. We also always named specification 4#(No.4) .Hot rolled equal angle size from 2# to 200# .Unequal angle has different width and specification in width A* width B* thickness. For example:75*50*6mm,means width A is 75mm,width B is 50mm and thcikness is 6mm.

U channel bar 

U channel bar is a steel English like the letter "U" with a cross section, sometimes with a cross section of Japanese letters "better" shape.

The latest standard, issued in 2008, was introduced in April 1, 2009 and recommended by the national standards

GB/T 4697-2008

U channel bar bracket

Main features: large pressure, long support time, easy installation, not easy to deformation and so on.

Main uses: mainly used in mine roadway, roadway support, and two times of the tunnel supporting etc..

As the main shape steel for the retractable metal support of tunnel, U channel bar is widely used at home and abroad.

However, because of the inconsistent understanding of the properties and requirements of U channel bar, the shape, geometrical parameters and material of U channel bar are different from each other.

There are four types of U channel bar produced in our country, 18U, 25U, 29U and 36U. Among them, the first two kinds of 60s products, belong to the waist positioning; the latter two are 80s products, is the ear positioning. U18 is rarely produced because of its low carrying capacity.

In the GB/T 4697-2008, in addition to the above four models of U steel, the new 40U model.

The single weight of each model U is as follows:

18UY 18.96, kg/m

25UY 24.76, kg/m

25U 24.95, kg/m

29U 29, kg/m

36U 35.87, kg/m

40U 40.05, kg/m

Among them, the model with "Y" means waist positioning.

U steel varieties Name: cold-formed U steel, large size U channel bar, automobile special U channel bar, hot galvanized, U channel bar and other open cold-formed steel.

C channel bar

C channel bar is composed of automatic processing C channel bar molding machine molding. C channel bar forming machine can automatically complete the forming process of C channel bar according to the given size of C channel bar.

Galvanized C steel, galvanized steel, glass cable tray type C card slot type C steel, C steel, glass curtain wall type trough type C reinforced steel, C steel, C steel, with double unilateral C steel, manual forklift C steel, C steel, equilateral straight edge C steel, C steel, bevel edge type C steel, C steel, inner bevel roof purlin (wall) C steel, C steel, automobile profile highway column C steel, C steel solar stent (21-80 Series), with a precision of C type steel formwork support C steel, etc. equipment.

C channel bar formed by bending coil thin wall, light weight, high strength, excellent section properties, compared with traditional channel, the same strength can save 30% of the material.