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Galvanized steel channel

Galvanized steel channel is also known as hot-dip zinc-channel steel and hot-dip galvanized channel steel, which is an effective metal embalming method. Is cleaning the black channel steel in 440 ~ 460 ℃ or so after melting liquid zinc, zinc layer adhered on the surface of the channel steel, thereby the purpose of anticorrosive.

1. Shape description

Galvanized steel channel is a long strip of steel. Its specifications with high waist leg width (b) (h) * * waist mm thick (d) the number, such as 120 * 53 * 5, said the waist is 120 mm high, leg is 53 mm wide, waist is 5 mm thick galvanized steel channel, or 12 # hot channel steel plating. In the same way, the waist height of the same channel steel, if there are several different kinds of leg width and waist thickness, should be different from the right side of the model, such as 14a # 14b # 14c #, etc. In general, there is a b and a b c for channel steel. The leg width increases in turn. Such as:

Hot-dip galvanized channel steel 14 # a leg width is 58mm, waist thickness is 6mm, 14 # b leg width is 60mm, waist thickness is 8mm.

Galvanized steel channel is normally 6 meters per branch.

2. Application of hot-dip galvanized channel steel

Galvanized steel channel in the building (e.g. glass curtain wall, power tower, communication power grid, water and gas transmission, wire casing, scaffolding, housing, etc.), bridge, transportation; Industries (such as chemical equipment, petroleum processing, Marine exploration, metal structure, electric transmission, shipbuilding, etc.); Agriculture (for example: sprinkling irrigation, warm room) etc. Due to the characteristics of good appearance and corrosion resistance of Galvanized steel channel, its application is more and more extensive.