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I beam

The i-beam is also known as steel girder (English name I Beam), which is a long strip of steel in the shape of the section. It is divided into ordinary steel and light beam steel, H shaped steel. It is widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, stents, machinery, etc. Common beams and light beams of the wing root to the edge thinning, has a certain Angle, ordinary beams and light beams on the number of models is to use its high waist centimeters of Arabic numerals, web plate, the thickness of the flange and flange width different specifications to waist high (h) * waist thick legs wide (b) (d) said the number of blessings, such as "sewing worker 160 x 88 x 6", it indicates that the waist high is 160 mm, width is 88 millimeter, the leg with a thickness of 6 mm ordinary beams. / "light work 160 x 81 x 5", which means the waist height is 160 mm, the leg width is 8mm, the waist thickness is 5mm light steel. The specifications of ordinary steel and steel are also available in model. The size of the waist height is indicated by the model, such as that of prong 16 #. The same type of steel in the waist, such as several different legs and waist thickness, should be differentiated from the right of the model to the right of a b, such as the pugong 32 # a, 32 # b, 32 # c, etc. The specification of hot rolled plain steel is 10-63 #. The specifications of hot rolled plain steel supplied by the supply and demand agreement are 12-55. The basic steel of ordinary steel is mainly divided into ordinary steel, light steel and H shaped steel. The flange of ordinary steel and light beams is the thickness of the transsection and the external thin. 

H-beam: HW HM HN HEA HEB HEM, such as I beam flange is average cross section such as beams, light beams has formed the national standard, general 10 # I beam is equivalent to international I100 (such as 10 # steel channel channel steel U100) (because the execution of the standard is different, cause they have subtle differences) of the specifications of the H beams are also called wide flange beams, HW HM HN from European standard, HEB is Germany standard beams, including HW, HN beams has been widely used in our country and production. HEA HEB HEM can be seen in many German design drawings and is difficult to buy in the domestic market. In the domestic steel structure engineering, if the quantity is less, can use the steel plate of the specification to weld together. In large quantities, it is usually considered that the mechanical properties are replaced by HW and HN sections.