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C channel bar

C channel bar is composed of automatic processing C channel bar molding machine molding. C channel bar forming machine can automatically complete the forming process of C channel bar according to the given size of C channel bar.

Galvanized C steel, galvanized steel, glass cable tray type C card slot type C steel, C steel, glass curtain wall type trough type C reinforced steel, C steel, C steel, with double unilateral C steel, manual forklift C steel, C steel, equilateral straight edge C steel, C steel, bevel edge type C steel, C steel, inner bevel roof purlin (wall) C steel, C steel, automobile profile highway column C steel, C steel solar stent (21-80 Series), with a precision of C type steel formwork support C steel, etc. equipment.

C channel bar formed by bending coil thin wall, light weight, high strength, excellent section properties, compared with traditional channel, the same strength can save 30% of the material.