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Steel-plastic steel pipe

Products with seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe for the base tube, wall coating of high adhesion, anticorrosive, food-grade health type of polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating.

Using pretreatment, preheating, the post-processing technology, the coating on the surface and water within the galvanized coating made of plastic composite pipe, is upgraded product of traditional galvanized pipe. Implement the ministry of construction CJT120-2000 industry standards.

Diameter range DN15-48 " can be flanged and bring pressure tank coating

Length is 6 m, 9 m and 12 m and foot length

Coating thickness between 100 microns to 500 microns, usually for 350 microns.

Pipeline interface Threaded connection, flange connection, clamp connection

Pretreatment chemical leaching tank method, physical sand blasting method

Thermoplastic polyethylene (PE) powder coatings variety, thermosetting epoxy resin (EP) powder powder coatings, etc