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Corrugated Sheet

The Corrugated sheet is formed by the bending of the corrugated plate, and the corrugated plate is usually made by roll forming. The roll pass system has a continuous forming system and a special pass system. At present, the most widely used corrugated sheet forming system is continuous forming system, that is to say, first bend the center wave, then bend the adjacent wave, and finally bend the wave. The advantage of the pass system is that the roller consumption is lowest, and its disadvantage is that the workpiece is prone to bending and twisting. The special pass system is mainly used to produce corrugated plate. At first, the arc wave is pre bent, and then it is formed by upsetting and pressing. This method ensures the metal thinning at each bend angle is lightest. Its disadvantages are high roller consumption and high requirements for forming equipment and materials.

1)    Standard:GB,JIS3312.ASTM


2)    Material: SGCC,Q195-Q235B,SPCC,DC01,DX51D+Z ETC.


3)    Thickness: 0.13-0.6mm


4)    Width:600mm-1250mm.


5)    Zinc coating: 40g-120g/m2


6)    Length:Coil


7)    Spangle: minimized, zero, regular, big.


8)    Surface treatment:Chromating & oiled, Chromated & non-oiled ,size of spangle as required


9)    Packing:plastic paper and waterproof paper first ,then tie by steel strap and pallet together.

  Steel Coil Xingdu Hot Dipped Galvanized DX51D+Z10