2017-08-11 14:24:23

The first half of the year, Baogang to implement full cost reduction as the main line, and strive to overcome the impact caused by the fluctuation of the market, after the cost of the ferret latent energy and drop in quality, the consumption index and the cost of further optimization, the real in grasping the foundation of management, making the overall production operations running smoothly. At the end of June, the sheet metal factory completed production of 1 million 755 thousand and 100 tons of steel, 1 million 329 thousand and 500 tons of hot rolled coils, acid 615 thousand and 600 tons, 205 thousand and 400 tons of silicon steel, galvanized coil, volume 102 thousand and 500 tons, achieved more than half the time, complete the task more than half of the target.

Take measures to dig down the quality

In the first half of the year, sheet mill around the company's overall goal of profitability, to carry out cost reduction work, and achieved results. In order to improve the stability of each system and reduce the loss of accidents and process losses, sheet metal factory has established 27 quality reduction projects. Through the establishment of technical research group, improve product quality, reduce defective products, and promote the smooth implementation of the project. At the same time, the establishment of process satisfaction evaluation sheet plant, processes through quality of process feedback, to carry out problem oriented improvement, so as to enhance the internal process service consciousness, promote internal communication, form benign internal coordination mechanism.

In the process of implementing energy cost reduction, sheet metal factory always focuses on building energy management and control system, improving energy management level and doing energy management work well. To this end, sheet plant established energy management group, the establishment of the production department of the energy management office, the establishment of energy administrators, timely record of energy consumption in this sector. According to the real-time energy consumption index benchmarking plant energy group issued, and through the establishment of "energy management system" and "sheet plant energy management system" for daily inspection, illegal use of energy department for assessment, exposure, improve the executive ability.

Strengthen management to ensure direct production

The sheet mill works hard to stabilize the production line and makes unremitting efforts to achieve stable production and high output. Starting from the operation of the equipment, working from the details, strengthen equipment management, establish and perfect the equipment repair plan, shorten the repair time of equipment accident, create favorable operating conditions of equipment, reduce the equipment failure rate, laid the foundation for the smooth production process.

The sheet metal factory to promote the stable and high yield, and further optimize the device operation mode, starting with the increase of process optimization and equipment management and control efforts, and strive to achieve stability and economic management of equipment operation and maintenance of equipment management and production, adhere to the combination, combined with the maintenance plan, pay close attention to the process control, to meet the conditions of production process based on equipment maintenance and that process conditions in the production process of security. The sheet metal factory actively carry out the "hundred days without breakout" and "100 days without a heap of steel and other innovative labor competition activities, through more than 3 months of unremitting efforts, the successful implementation of CSP sheet factory production line" 100 days without steel leakage "and" 100 days without a heap of steel record.

Downsizing and optimizing staffing structure

At the beginning of June, according to the "Baotou steel sheet plant fitness and Health Organization and optimization of human resources reform work plan" and "the implementation of the new mechanism of Baotou by hiring staff to carry out detailed rules" requirements, established in accordance with the actual needs of the various departments of sheet factory staff selection mechanism, carry out open selection work step by step, to achieve the optimal allocation of human resources in sheet metal factory. Sheet factory set up staff hiring step by step work leading group, to all 13 of the rooms by hiring, by order of the middle-level cadres, section level management personnel and professional and technical personnel to the frontline operation post; the original appointment management personnel, professional and technical positions of all personnel sequence dismissal, combined with Baotou Steel (Group) Company organs and Baotou Steel shares, North rare earth agency personnel optimization, re open competition for posts.