2017-08-11 14:34:14

Recently, Anshan Iron and Steel shares will solve the quality problems as the "quality month" activities focus, for special research of steelmaking plant and seven timber factory of the 12 outstanding quality problems, to carry out special activities to enhance the product quality and stability, as well as the user visits feedback problem of quality improvement, the packing quality defects of preparation of a series of activities to promote to improve the quality of.

The company in accordance with the "to solve the outstanding quality problems as the" quality month "activities focus on" requirements, key issues restricting all product quality organization of the production plant according to the investigation, the influence degree of quality problems of product quality and user experience, to determine the "reduce galvanized roll edge thickness defect rate" of silicon steel "reducing the yield rate of 2150 hot line tower and edge crack rate" to "eliminate the 100 meter rail angle cold injury defects" 12 outstanding issues special quality improvement projects, clear project objectives, measures, schedule and responsibility, and push forward the development of project plan and evaluation methods. Each unit leaders in command, will focus on the work as a "quality month" activities, quickly organized the start of the project and implementation work. Through the optimization of the location of the air knife baffle, the investigation and comparison, the timely disposal of the equipment and materials and the reasonable adjustment of the sink roll system, the cold rolling mill has achieved a sharp reduction in the defect rate of the thickening of the edge of the galvanized coil. Through the study of optimizing the rail transportation mode, controlling the speed of the roller conveyor and reducing the impact force of the steel and baffle, the large scale railway rail beam factory aims to eliminate the cold damage of the rail track angle of 100 meters".

Around the "enhance the quality of supply, building quality power" theme, the company carried out special activities to enhance product quality stability, and strictly control the quality of raw materials, strict process control, strict quality of the factory. On the one hand from the impact of product quality and stability of people, machine, material, method, environment and measurement 6 aspects to carry out a full range of standard look bad, make up the short board work; on the other hand, strict raw material inspection, in process supervision, product release three mark, the practice of "do not accept the defects, not manufacturing the defects, defects do not pass" concept, to ensure the stability of product quality continuous improvement.

Grasp the quality of products, both eyes to solve problems, but also listen to the voices of users, pay attention to user experience. The company implemented the "user experience as the center" concept, the system to carry out user visits and next process visits. During the period of "quality month" activities, each unit system of the company to carry out user visits and processes of visits, standing in the "next process is also user" height, for the next process user questions and external user suggestions, and quickly organize improvement, and continuously improve the user experience of Anshan Iron and steel products.

In addition, the company in the "quality month" activities, the grass-roots units and logistics management center to improve effectiveness of product packaging and logistics operation standard, self-test self-examination and organize a comprehensive review and improvement, carry out packing standard, improve packaging quality defects of preparation activities, the relevant standards more clearly clear, scientific and reasonable implementation in place, with beautiful appearance of the product image to retain users, hold the market. The company also carried out the quality management standard, the quality improvement project implementation, the "quality month" rational proposals for mass, quality improvement, QC team management, promote the "five small" activities, the implementation of quality training, guide the full share quality results, accumulated experience in quality management. In addition, the company will start the eighth phase of the Six Sigma management project, and continue to promote the Six Sigma quality management.